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Dethatching Benefits


Dethatching is a lawn maintenance service that should be performed every other year. My dethatcher allows me to get to the root of your dead, dull grass leaving the healthy grass room to grow and overseed. Leaving you with that healthier beautiful green lawn you’ve always wanted.

Benefits of Dethatching
Thatch, in your lawn, is no more than a layer of dead grass  (or plant material – that includes roots, grass and leaves), which lay on the surface of the soil. It is a decomposing plant material that can suffocate your lawn. To ensure a healthy lawn after a long and cold Western New York winter, it is important to expose the soil to warmth and sunlight. The best way to do this is to dethatch your lawn. Dethatching provides many benefits, including:

Healthy Root Growth in Your Grass
If you have a build up of thatch, healthy root growth is nearly impossible. If the roots aren’t healthy, your grass will never become full, green and thick. By dethatching, you are able to help circulate air deep down into the roots, and providing necessary carbon dioxide. Not only does this stimulate existing roots, but also encourages new root growth.

Making Fertilizer Work for Your Lawn
If there is a thatch build up on your lawn, applied fertilizers cannot properly blend with the soil. Dethatching ensures that your fertilizers are able to work effectively, and spread properly accross your lawn and throughout the soil.

Effective Draining
Again, thatch is essentially a barrier between the soil and anything healthy that needs to come in contact with it. While moisture is necessary for proper lawn growth, it can become a damaging factor when it’s unable to penetrate the soil and make its way to the roots. With a healthy lawn, the moisture remains on the surface for a short time, eventually draining into the soil and to the root system. If thatch is present, however, water remains at the surface for a longer period of time, and saturates the plant system. Dethatching will ensure that water drains properly, while also nurturing your lawn.

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After Dethatching!

Your lawn will be thinned out and now is a great time to over seed, apply fertilizer and water. With the ground opened up from dethatching, seed, water ,oxygen and fertilizer will get down to the soil to better help the root system. Your lawn will thank you. Plugnalawn can aerate,dethatch, over seed and fertilize your lawn.
Dethatching video ,please watch to see the benefits of this service!