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.What Is Core Aeration Lawn Care?

Aeration is the naturally occurring process of air ,water and fertilizer exchange between the soil and its surrounding atmosphere. Practically, aeration is the process of mechanically removing small plugs/cores of thatch and soil from the lawn to improve natural soil aeration allowing air, water and fertilizer to get down to the root system where it will help your lawn the most. Plugnalawn includes a PH Soil test with every lawn aeration. This includes any recommendations that your lawn would benefit from adding lime or sulfur to get the correct ph reading.
​Core Aeration Benefits:

Core Aeration Benefits!

Core aeration can help make your lawn healthier and reduce its maintenance requirements through these means:
Improved air ,water and fertilizer exchange between the soil and atmosphere.
Stronger grass root system.
Reduced soil compaction.
Enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance.
Helps break down thatch. 
Reduced water runoff and standing water

How Often Should You Aerate a Lawn?

Most lawns benefit from annual aeration. Heavily used lawns, or those growing on heavy clay or subsoils may need more than one aeration each year. Again, turf responds best when tine spacing is closer and penetration is deeper. Golf courses aerate greens and tees 2-3 times per year.
When is the Best Time to Aerate Lawns? 
Here in Western New York, both spring and fall are ideal times to aerate. Aeration before or at the time of over seeding and fertilization enhances root growth and improves spring green-up and growth. 

Underground Utilities!

Lawns with pet fences, underground electric to pools or sheds and sprinkler systems CAN BE CORE AERATED. Plugnalawn will ask if you have any underground utilities when you receive your FREE ESTIMATE! Plugnalawn will dropoff flags for the customer to mark all of the above. Plugnalawn has not done any damage while aerating in my first two years of operation. If it makes you feel safer Plugnalawn will call Dig New York and they will come out and mark cable, water and gas lines. If installed properly these items should be much farther down in the ground. PLUGNALAWN IS FULLY INSURED, ALWAYS AS TO SEE INSURANCE BEFORE ANY WORK IS PERFORMED FOR YOU!


After aeration, your lawn will be dotted with core plugs pulled from the soil. These plugs will be ¾” in diameter and length will depend on soil condition , up to 3” long. Within two weeks, they break apart and disappear into the lawn. This process will add nutrients to your lawn. The microbes in the cores are what helps to break down thatch. Raking up cores will reduce the effectiveness of aeration.
About 7 to 10 days after aeration, the aerification holes will be filled with actively growing roots. The root system is now receiving additional oxygen, moisture and nutrients from the soil.
On compacted soils, you should see an immediate difference in water puddling and runoff after watering or rainfall. After aeration, your lawn should be able to go longer between waterings. With repeat aerations over time, your lawn will show enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance.
Remember, most lawns benefit from annual aeration. And while you shouldn’t expect miracles, especially with poor soil, lawns that receive this care will be healthier, more vigorous, easier to maintain and have fewer pest problems.

Over Seeding or Reseeding Lawn Service!

Why Over seed?

Over time, grass gets old, dies off and needs to be replaced. Worn-out lawns invite weeds. Reseeding is a fast, inexpensive way to help bring your lawn back to its lush, green, healthy self without tearing everything out and starting over. 

When to Over seed?

Plugnalawn over seeds in the spring and fall. Right after aeration is the perfect time to over seed apply starter fertilizer and water.

When Plugnalawn over seeds I use a drag mat to knock the seed down farther to get to the soil where it can germinate. See my photo page how quick germination takes place when water is applied properly. The seed needs to stay moist during the germination stage (7-14 days). Once the seedlings have germinated watering is cut back slightly. I always tell my customers that this is the most important part of the process. If you keep the seed moist you will be amazed in just a few short weeks how beautiful your lawn will look.
Never apply weed killer when over seeding it will kill the seed as well. (see below)

Over seeding problems do occur:

There is always a risk in over seeding. Heavy rains may wash away seed, improper watering will not let the seed germinate. It is up to the home owner to make sure newly seeded lawns are properly watered . Plugnalawn can not be responsible for ;Mother natures heavy rains or incorrect watering by the homeowner.

When Can I Use Weed Preventer or weed killer on My New Grass? 

All weed control products are different, but in general, it is recommended to wait until the new grass has been mowed at least 4 times before using a crabgrass preventer or other weed control product. (Unless the product is designed to be used when seeding.) Always refer to the product label for specific information related to the weed control product you are using. 

Fertilizer Lawn Service Care!

Plugnalawn can use organic or starter fertilizer when over seeding, it is all up to the customer. If you have children or pets that use the lawn then organic fertilizer is the way to go. It is also better for the environment. It is a slower release which gets used when the lawn needs it. Synthetic/starter fertilizer shows results sooner but it is used up quicker. I only use organic fertilizer on my lawn.

Complete Lawn Renovation!

If your lawn is too far gone Plugnalawn can do a complete Lawn renovation (which is pictured at the top of this page). Remove existing lawn, aerate ,slit the soil, overseed, fertilize. The customer does the watering as needed.
This is the most important part of the procedure. It also includes another visit from Plugnalawn to make sure ​everything is on schedule. This may include more seed which would be included to get that beautiful lawn. I pride myself on doing a great job and making sure all my customers are happy with the work performed by Plugnalawn Lawn Aeration.

Lawn renovation started September 18, 2013,, October 11, 2013 update. See what Plugnalawn can do for your lawnFREE ESTIMATES!
Service areas include; Niagara County in New York State NY. Including; Lewiston NY, Youngstown NY , Wheatfield NY, Lockport NY, Grand Island NY, North Tonawanda NY, Tonawanda NY, Wilson NY, Niagara Falls NY,  and more.
Plugnalawn Lawn Aeration was hired to aerate the lawn around the clubhouse, pro shop and patio at the beautiful Seneca Hickory Stick Golf Club in Lewiston, NY November 2015.