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“We were very pleased with the prompt and efficient service from Plugnalawn Lawn Aeration and would highly recommend them for lawn care needs”
Michael Vitch, Lewiston NY

After soliciting proposals from several nurseries, we hired Perry Kazulak, of Plugnalawn, at the recommendation of a neighbor. Perry aerated, over seeded, and fertilized our lawn in late Spring, and advised us to keep it watered. Unlike others who plant your grass and walk away, Perry continued to monitor the progress of our lawn on his own, and offer free advice.
We requested Perry to mow and keep an eye on our lawn while we went on vacation. Upon our return, we were so happy with Perry’s service and the progress of our new
grass, we asked him to mow and maintain our lawn the rest of the summer, seeding bare
spots, and fertilizing as needed. In the Fall, he reseeded and fertilized the lawn once again.
Perry Kazulak is very knowledgeable, and provides excellent customer service at a
reasonable price. We are amazed at the beauty of our lawn – he brought it back to life!
John and Gretchen Waggoner – Lewiston, NY

"Hi Perry,
I'd be glad to give you some feedback, but I'm afraid I can't help you with any advice for improvement. Linda and I were very happy with your service and the work you did, Our lawn is doing very well this year. One thing that we really appreciated is the interest you took after you did the work at our place and following up with us to make sure we watered (and we did!) and followed your instructions - this was key. It really worked. We have in fact steered a few people your way and I hope you got them as clients.
Thanks again and we'll see about some possible plugging next spring."
Linda & Bill Curtis, Lewiston NY

"We had our 15,ooo sq. ft. lawn plugged and over seeded last summer and it has never looked better: greener, thicker and we are very happy with the results." Pat & Joe George, Lewiston NY

"Plugnalawn/Perry did a wonderful job at a great price. My lawn has never looked this beautiful". Pat Dowd , Lewiston NY

"Plugnalawn/Perry recently aerated my lawn in the Town of Lewiston. He was very professional, courteous & specific with regard to the work being performed. His estimate was extremely fair & performed all work exactly as estimated. Our lawn responded very well to what I believe is an important step to a healthy lawn. I would highly recommend his service to those interested in a healthy lawn". G. Muto, Lewiston, NY.

"Perry did an excellent job on our lawn, very satisfied". J. Kelly, Lewiston, NY.

M. Macaulay, Lewiston,NY.

"Perry is very thorough, conscientious and knowledgeable on ground care." The Taylors, Lewiston,NY.

Contact Us
Contact Us

Hello Perry
  I would like to commend you for the great work done at our property on Lake Road in Youngstown. Your service was prompt and well executed, priced reasonably, and produced very good results. We plan to have you continue to help us with our property.
Larry & Christina Elia, Youngstown, NY

There is always a risk in over seeding. Heavy rains may wash away seed, improper watering (too much or not enough) will not get the seed to germinate. It is up to the homeowner to make sure newly seeded lawns are properly watered in. Plugnalawn can not be held responsible for heavy rains or improper watering by the home owner. If watered properly the seed must grow. Plugnalawn will recommend watering times to customers, thanks for your understanding ,Perry Kazulak. 
Hi Perry
Thanks for coming out and transforming our anemic looking grass into the lush green lawn that is the envy of our neighbors. For many years we had lawn care professionals treat the grass with a variety of chemicals. We even installed a sprinkler system thinking regular watering would make the difference. Although the grass was weed free it still didn't look that good. When we saw your flier about Plugnalawn we remembered the beautiful lawns on the Toronto Islands.
On a visit there many years ago one of the workers explained the dethatch, plug and overseed system that they used to maintain their
lawns. So we decided to have you dethatch, plug and overseed our
lawn. We're so glad we did! Our lawn now looks so much stronger and thicker and is as green as can be. We now tell everyone in search of a healthy lawn that Plugnalawn is the only way to go!
   Joe & Karen, North Tonawanda, NY